SIP Integration

Vocalocity Integration

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Vocalocity Integration


SIP Integration with Vocalocity (MT305 & MT505)

Step 1: Obtain IP address

Plug in your Phoenix device (MT305 or MT505) the local network through an Ethernet cable.

Boot-up the Quattro or Spider, which should be connected to the network through an Ethernet cable;

• Wait for it to acquire an IP address

• If you miss it, write it upon boot-up

• On the phone press setup * icon for the Spider, or the FN button on the Quattro

• Scroll down to 7, or press number 7 for “information”


Step 2: Access GUI Portal

To access the GUI portal, your computer must be located on the same LAN as the Quattro

Go to your browser and enter the IP address Ex. 196.168……..

• Press Enter and a Username / Password prompt will appear

• Enter admin as your username

• Enter 1234 as your password

• Select Log In

Click on “Configuration”

• Click on Quick Setup

• Use SIP Proxy IP and port for Registration = Enable

For the IP Address or Host name enter:

Under line settings: fill in the following

• User ID: = VH00000000

• Authentication User Name: = VH00000000

The User ID and Authentication User Name should be the same

• Authentication Password: = Password




Click on “Proxy Ip” setting on the left panel

• click on signaling protocols

• Enter this address for the gateway Name:



Click Save and exit the web browser. Restart the Phoenix device to ensure that the settings have been saved.