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Industry Expert Product Review of The Stingray DSP Mixer

Jerry Jones is an accredited AV industry professional working in solutions development at Sacred Heart Health System in Pensacola, Florida. Zach Flanagan, Phoenix’s Head of Direct Channel Sales, reached out to Jerry to introduce himself after noticing that many of his LinkedIn posts were being shared and liked by Jerry. As conversations went on overtime Jerry eventually asked about the possibility of testing The Stingray DSP Mixer. Here is Jerry’s review of the Phoenix Audio Technologies Stingray DSP Mixer:

“Please accept my sincere thanks for allowing me to test the Phoenix Audio Technologies Stingray DSP Mixer. My colleague and I just completed our testing of this amazing product this morning in our Greenhut Auditorium here on the campus of Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola.

Please know I do have experience with DSPs. I hold design, programming and installation certification from Biamp Systems in connection with that firm’s TesiraFORTE’ CI DSP model. I also have eight years of experience working with Biamp Nexia DSPs and three years of experience working with Biamp AudiaFlex DSPs. I also hold CTS certification from AVIXA, the global commercial audiovisual professional society.

In my humble opinion, the Phoenix Audio Technologies Stingray DSP Mixer represents a true advance in ease-of-use over products offered by competitors. In short, I am amazed by the fact that this sophisticated DSP requires no programming. I was able to set it up in fewer than fifteen minutes using the buttons and the illuminated screen on the face of the device.

In addition, my colleague and I tested the MT700 Stingray in conjunction with a portable Fender “Passport” model PD-250 loudspeaker system (output) and both wireless and lapel microphones by Shure (input).

The Phoenix Audio Technologies MT700 worked flawlessly and automatically.

We continued to test the Phoenix Audio Technologies MT700 Stingray with both Zoom and Adobe Connect, using the device’s USB feature, and the results were amazing.

While I believe Biamp is certainly a reputable firm that offers high quality products exclusively through AV integration firms, I believe Phoenix Audio Technologies – with the relatively new MT700 Stingray – provides a new and incredibly easy way for end-users of all skill levels to setup DSPs with microphones and speakers in rooms of all sizes.”

-Jerry Jones


When we create and develop our products, we do so with the end user in mind. We want the experience of using a Phoenix Audio Technologies product to be be simple and easy. The Stingray DSP Mixer is unlike any other. It is one of the only DSP Mixers on the market that requires absolutely NO programming. Experience the simplicity of the stingray yourself.

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