Do’s and Don’ts of Video Conferencing

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Do & Don't

“Hi everybody my name is Mary with Phoenix Audio Technologies and today we’re going to talk about the do’s and don’ts of video conferencing.

1. Don’t have clutter

The first don’t is don’t have clutter. Papers and notebooks and pens all over the table doesn’t look good from the other side of your call.

Do clear the space

Take off the unnecessary papers, notebooks, pens and make a clean stack if not removing them completely from the table. One way to eliminate clutter is to ceiling or wall mount your devices or as we’ve done here bring the wires underneath the table to keep it clear from cables.

2. Don’t raise your voice

If you have an outdated device you might find yourself shouting into it to make sure your voice gets picked up. This can be frustrating for the person on the other side of the call as it might come out very loud.

Do speak normally

It’s a good idea to invest in an audio device that has automatic gain control. This means that the microphone sensitivity will be adjusted automatically so you’re heard loud and clear no matter your distance from the device.

3. Don’t crowd the room

Don’t try to fit your entire team into a small conference room if you need everybody on the call try to find a larger room. You guys, I think we should go downstairs.

Do minimize distractions

You want the people on the other end of the call to be focused on the topic you’re discussing. So, make sure to minimize distractions like squeaky chairs loud air vents or a crowded room.

4. Don’t make it complicated

You don’t need to use three different audio devices at the same time. Instead get one dedicated device with all the built-in features that you need.

Do fix acoustics

These fixes can be simple such as adding acoustic panels or even blinds to help absorb the sound that bounces around the room.

5. Don’t take the easy way out

Can you hear me now? Don’t take the easy way out. Using your phone and computer to conduct a call may be more convenient but the call quality will suffer.

Do invest in high quality

Use high quality conferencing solutions in your room. They will make all the difference in your calls.”