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Jive Communications Integration

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Jive Communications Integration


JIVE Communications


STEP 1. 

Log into the Spider’s GUI and access the <Configuration/Quick Setup Window>.


1. Enter JIVE’s Domain URL under <SIP Proxy and Registrar/Proxy IP Address or Host Name>
2. Enter JIVE’s Username under <Line Settings/User ID>
3. Enter a Display name, can be any name of your choice or the line extension.
4. Enter JIVE’s Username under <Line Settings/Authentication User Name>
5. Enter JIVE’s Password under <Line Settings/Authentication Password>



Navigate under <Voice Over IP/Signaling Protocols>


6. Enter JIVE’s Domain URL under <SIP General/Gateway Name>

7. Enable and Enter JIVE’s Outbound Proxy under <SIP proxy and Registrar /Use SIP Outbound Proxy>


See attached images