SIP Integration

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Integration (CUCM)

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Cisco Unified Communications Manager Integration (CUCM)


CUCM & Phoenix Audio Integration




STEP 1 – CM Settings

Go to Cisco Unified Serviceability

– Select the Server (Make a note of the IP address as it will be needed for the Spider Setup)

– Under CM Settings Select “Cisco Call Manager” and “Cisco Tftp”.

– Click “Save” on the top left hand corner.



Go to CUCM Administration

– From the Drop down menus select “User Management/End User”

Next page click “ADD USER” button, on the upper left side

**** Status should be ready ****

User ID =  johndoe
Last Name =  johndoe
Password =  password
Confirm Password =  password
PIN =  password
Confirm PIN =   password
Digest Credentials =  password
Confirm Digest Credentials=


Note: We advised using the same password in order to avoid registration issues.



– Click SAVE,

– CUCM will respond with a “new page” — all passwords should be encrypted

– “Name dialing” has been auto populated and it should match the User ID.

– Click “Save” on the top left hand corner.




Go to CUCM Administration

– From the Drop down menus select “Device/Phone”

On the following Screen Select

·    Third Party SIP Device (Basic)

·    Click NEXT

In the following screen Enter or Select the Information below:

MAC Address Phoenix Audio Device MAC Address
Phone Button Template  = Third-Party SIP Device (basic)
Common Phone profile = Standard Common Phone Profile
Owner User ID = User ID User ID
Device Security Profile = Third-Party SIP device Basic – Standard SIP Non-S
SIP Profile = Standard SIP Profile
Digest User = Select the profile (user ID)
Click SAVE and then APPLY on the next screen


The system returns the following page:

Now click on the LINE (hyperlink 1/3 down top-left of page)

New page will show up:

·    Enter the Extension number

·    Click SAVE “associate device”

·    Click “Apply Config” (from new menu choices)

·    New window opens Click “OK”

·    Click SAVE



Phoenix Audio SIP Audio Device Setup


Boot-up your Device

  • Connect the Phoenix Audio SIP device to your phone network.
  • The unit will automatically search for an IP address and in some cases display the obtained IP.
    Finding an IP address
    Spider MT505: 
    Click on the "settings" menu button followed by the number "0". 
    Stingray MT700:
    Click on the "Enter" menu button and navigate to Information/IP Address. 
    Condor MT600:
    Use the following app to search for devices in your network:
    Phoenix SIP Dialer
  • Type the assigned IP address using your preferred browser on a computer or mobile device within the same network.
  • When prompted, type admin as the username and 1234 as the password.



Click on “Configuration”

– Click on Quick Configuration

– Use SIP Proxy IP and port for Registration = Enable

– User ID: Directory Number Assigned in CUCM

– Authentication User Name: = johndoe (End User, meaning User ID on CUCM)

– Authentication Password:  = password (Digest Credentials password)


Click Voice Over IP

– Gateway Name: = Enter the CUCM IP address

– Proxy IP Address or Host Name: = Enter the CUCM IP address


All other settings should remain at factory default.