Why doesn't my computer recognize my Phoenix Audio Device?

Our devices use generic USB audio drivers that are part of your Windows operating system. Your error could be caused by another USB audio/video device such as a USB webcam that was previously installed on your computer. We recommend that you un-install these devices, plug-in our unit and then reinstall these other devices.

Are Phoenix Audio products compatible with Mac/Linux/Windows based computers?

All our products are compatible with all three platforms. However, our software applications/tools are only available for Windows. Mac OS compatible software will soon be available.

Can all Phoenix Audio devices be daisy chained to eachother.

No, only the Octopus, the Quattro3 models, and the Duet Executive have daisy chaining capabilities. The Octopus and the Quattro can be daisy chained to any other device within their own product lines. The Duet Executive can only be daisy chained to another Duet Executive.

Can I record a conversation with my Phoenix Audio Device?

Yes, you can download our free Phoenix Audio Recording Utility, available on our website. This utility will allow you to record any conversation that is done through a Phoenix Audio device.

What is beamforming array?

This technology is used in the Quattro3 and the Octopus. This means that the unit will assess the signals picked up by all the microphones, and decide instantaneously which one(s) will take part in the mixing and with what level of emphasis.

What is automatic gain control?

This is a process where the gain is automatically changed and the volume levels are monitored and controlled so you have a more consistent level. This is particularly helpful when you have people who speak at different volumes.

Why do I need echo cancellation?

When using an open microphone & speaker system, (such as a speakerphone) the microphone actually picks up the signal coming out of your speaker. This signal, which is from the far-end, is transmitted by the person you are talking to and is then sent back to that person. This causes the receiving end to hear their voices echoing back. To solve this problem we utilize high end echo cancellation algorithms.

What is bridging

Bridging allows for 3-way communication between multiple connection sources, such as telephone, VoIP, and Video Codec.


When I daisy chain two Duets, the first one stops working. Why?

Check to see if the dummy plug is put into the headset jack of the first unit. The dummy plug signals to the first device that it is the “master” unit and that it is in daisy chain mode. If you are missing the dummy plug, you can substitute it with the plug of any headset or 3.5mm plug.

How many people can the Duet accommodate?

It would depend on the size, acoustics, and other settings of the room. Generally, it can pick up three to four speakers per Duet unit.

Can I connect the Duet Executive to my smart phone?

Yes, the Duet Executive (MT202-EXE) can connect to your smart phone through the headset jack, which is included with the device.


How many people can the Quattro3 accommodate?

It would depend on the size, acoustics, and other settings of the room. Generally, it can pick up eight speakers per Quattro unit.

Can various Quattro3 models be daisy chained to each other?

Yes. All Quattro3 units can daisy chain to each other.

Do I need to purchase additional accessories to daisy chain multiple Quattro3 units?

Each unit comes with an Ethernet cable to daisy chain, and power each unit individually.

Do Quattro units power each other when daisy chained or do I need to power each unit individually?

All models of the Quattro3 can be daisy chained and powered from one power source except from the MT301. The MT301 is the only model that requires individual power source for each unit even when daisy chained. In order to enjoy this feature you will need to purchase the Power Daisy Chain kit, which includes a 48V power adaptor.

How many Quattro3 units can be daisy chained and powered from one power source?

Up to 15 Quattro3s can be daisy chained together and up to 8 units (except MT301) can be powered from one source.

How do I know that the units are successfully daisy chained?

There are two LED lights on the Ethernet Jack of the Quattro3. When an Ethernet cable is connected and there is no daisy chain connection made – the light will be red. If the Ethernet cable is connected successfully on both ends – the light will be green.

What is the difference between the MT301 and the MT304?

Both the MT301 and the MT304 have the standard USB interface. The MT304 has an additional power module that allows it to be part of a “power chain” when powering units from one power source.

What is the maximum distance for the daisy chain cable?

We provide a power daisy chain cable that is 8ft long. If you wish to purchase an additional Ethernet cable we recommend one no longer than 15ft, otherwise the audio quality will diminish.

Can I connect an external microphone or speaker to the Quattro3?

Yes, you can connect an external microphone and speaker to the Quattro.

Do the MT302 and MT305 units connect to my existing phone?

The MT302 and MT305 models replace your existing phone and connect directly into the wall phone jack (RJ11).


What types of phone systems can the Octopus connect to?

We have optional telephone interfaces, Analog (PSTN) or Digital telephone, which are installed in the Octopus. Digital Telephone Interface (DTI) connects through the headset jack on your telephone so there are no compatibility issues communicating with your phone system. The DTI would be used for an IP phone system as well.

How many microphones can be connected to the Octopus?

Each Octopus unit has 4 XLR inputs for microphones, sound reinforcement or auxiliary. However, the Octopus has unlimited daisy chain capability so you can link units together for as many inputs as you need.

Does the Octopus have phantom power for microphones?

Yes, 3V and 24V phantom power is available.

Can you connect speakers to the Octopus?

Yes. You can connect speakers which have their own power source or you can get our optional 40 Watt, 4-output power amplifier installed in the Octopus.

Which controllers are compatible with the Octopus?

The Octopus is compatible with all Crestron and AMX controllers that connect via RS232 cable. You can also control the Octopus by either downloading the soft dialer from our website and running that on a computer (or a Windows based tablet) or using our handheld dial pad which is included with all units that have a PSTN (analog telephone) interface.

Can the Octopus operate when connected to a Mac based computer?

While our software utilities (Setup Wizard, Recording Utility, Soft Dialer, etc…) can only be run on Windows & Linux based systems, once the unit is set up you can connect the Octopus with any computer, including Mac based, for VoIP (Skype, Vidyo, etc…) sessions. Mac OS compatible software utilities will soon be available.