Overview of the Stingray Glow LCD Screen

Stingray (MT700)

Distributed Array Mixer

Variable-Sized Conference Flex Rooms are become more popular in the professional work space, allowing the flexibility to shrink, divide, and partition off the areas to fit the need of each meeting. To fully take advantage of the flexibility though, the hardware must also be just as flexible.  With the Phoenix Audio Technologies Stingray (MT700) – Distributed Array Mixer and our proprietary daisy-chaining technology provides the flexibility to adapt to this changing space.

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Daisy-Chain Technology

Daisy chaining offers a flexible solution that enables you to adjust audio coverage to match the configuration of your variable-sized conference Flex Room, without rewiring or re-configuring the existing audio equipment in place. It is a convenient way to adapt to changes in a conferencing space. Connect up to 15 MT700 Stingray Mixers in a daisy chain to cover anywhere from 1 to 15 different rooms.

Graphic Displaying examples of Daisy Chain in Conference Room
Heckler iPad Displaying Phoenix Audio Technologies App

PHNX Connect: Controller

The PHNX Connect is Phoenix Audio Technologies controller application which is implemented to allow end users of our products to have quick and easy access to controls that streamline efficiency and productivity in the conference room. Integrators can now preset configurations in a conference room and the end users are given control of the most frequently used settings for fine tuning to each individual user. This application also allows for easy splitting and combining of daisy-chained Stingray units, giving the flexibility to cover variable room sizes.

For more information, review the Quick Start Guide.

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