Phoenix Audio Technologies offers the Stingray Distributed Array Mixer, as the perfect audio device for installed room designed conference rooms. It’s easy to set up and superior audio quality make it the preferred pro audio mixer for integrators and end users alike. Our Stingray is designed to provide its users with the high quality audio and rich features they’re expecting from their Phoenix Audio pro audio device, but without the hassle of a complex setup and at a fraction of price of competitors.

“On the inside, an audio component can be complicated, but on the outside it has to be easy to use.”

Overview of the Stingray Glow LCD Screen
Diagram of the black of the Stringray mixer

The MT700 Stingray Distributed Array Mixer is an eight-channel – four (4) microphone / four (4) line input – automatic DSP (digital signal processing) mixer for installed room applications. Its proprietary daisy-chain protocol allows you to extend the number of supported inputs up to a maximum of 60. The MT700 Stingray is networkable and can be controlled using any device – PC, tablet, smart phone, etc. – residing on the same local area network. The mixer features its own SIP client and supports USB, SIP, and analog communication for use with VoIP, SIP client, and video conferencing codec solutions.

Each MT700 Stingray is equipped with four (4) amplified loudspeaker outputs that can push four (4) 8Ω loudspeakers with 15 watts of power. You can network up to 15 MT700 Stingray mixers into a single daisy chain with up to 15 individual zones. Additionally, you can assign up to four (4) auxiliary or podium microphone inputs per zone, and play back input using sound reinforcement via the room’s loudspeakers. The MT700 Stingray offers proprietary echo-canceling, noise-suppression, distributed-array beamforming, AGC, and automatic mixing technologies from Phoenix Audio Technologies.

Searching for the right products to use and install for video conferencing can be time consuming and exhausting. The one question that we get asked more than any other is, “Which product would be best for my space?”
That’s why Phoenix Audio Technologies created a complete guide to help you determine what type of room you have, and which of our products would fit the best.