Phoenix Audio Technologies offers the Octopus 4 channel echo canceling audio mixer, as the perfect audio device for installed room designed conference rooms. It’s easy to set up and superior audio quality make it the preferred pro audio mixer for integrators and end users alike. Our Octopus is designed to provide its users with the high quality audio and rich features they’re expecting from their Phoenix Audio pro audio device, but without the hassle of a complex setup and at a fraction of price of competitors.

USB Only

Octopus USB Base Unit


The PSTN models are recommended for use when you have an analog phone system. In this case, our devices connect directly to the phone jack. We offer to use our soft dialer (free downloadable software) for a full set of phone functionalities such as dialing, taking calls, conferencing, and more. The Octopus also supports using RS 232 controllers from Extron, AMX and Crestron.

Octopus with PSTN

Octopus with PSTN & Power Amp


Our DTI models connect to an actual phone, allowing us to provide the audio part of the communication. This is the case regardless of the technology type, even if it’s proprietary (when using digital phone systems). In this setup all the phone functions will be handled by your actual phone, while our device will handle the audio, muting, and volumes.

Octopus with Digital Telephone

Octopus with Digital Telephone & Power Amp

Power Amps

The power amplifier models are provided for when your selected speakers for your conference room need to be amplified for power. The Octopus PA models are equipped with a 40v, 4 output amplifier.

Octopus USB Base Unit with Power Amp

Octopus with PSTN & Power Amp

Octopus with Digital Telephone & Power Amp