Audio communication is an important aspect of countless devices, projects, and industries, whereas our goal is to help connect and enrich communication. We have an archive of audio processing algorithms and digital microphone solutions that are utilized in a variety of OEM applications including: Automotive, Military, Robotics, Security and connected devices in the “IoT.”


In military automotives, soldier communication systems, and control centers, the secure and clear communication of information is vital. Phoenix Audio is proud to deliver the highest grade audio signal processing technology to both privately held defense manufactures and direct governmental military institutions.



Sound source localization for direction finding is required for the appropriated orientation of the robot to its field. Phoenix Audio delivers both the audio communication devices and direction finding algorithms to enable robots to enrich the customer experience.





Phoenix audio helps deliver solutions for both critical communication and audio surveillance. Our discreet microphone solutions can enable two-way audio communication in a wide range of security products such as video cameras. We also deliver two-way communication modules for control centers, door-entry devices, and oil-rig communications.


Digital Recording (Surveillance)

Phoenix Audio provides noise cancellation microphones that help capture high-quality audio for increased efficiency and better analytics. Optimized for speech recognition, our audio processing algorithms help provide audio files that cut down post-capture processing and enable data driven telematics.




Hands-free communication in automotives is now an essential part of the infotainment system. We work with automotive companies to deliver best-in-class hands-free communication out of the factory. Phoenix Audio Technologies delivers an array solution for automotives that is aimed at producing the highest quality hands-free communication experience within the industry.