Room Profiles

We have created these room renderings to help end users and integrators understand how easy it is to integrate our products in several different room styles. These profiles show the connectivity and coverage of our products.

Huddle Room w/ MT505

Huddle Room w/ MT600 Condor

Lounge w/ MT503

Lounge w/ MT600 Condor

Huddle Room’s Solutions

Spider MT503

High-clarity conference speakerphone that can be ceiling mounted and daisy chained, easily turning any environment into a professional conference room.

Condor MT600

The Condor has a pickup range up to 30 feet, with a 15-microphone beamforming array, the Condor is perfect for huddle, medium, and large conference rooms. Place the Condor on a tabletop or mount it above or below a monitor to create the perfect clutter-free work environment.