Flex Room Profile

In the following rendering, we created a large room that seats up to 32 people and utilizes two MT700 Stingray DSPs daisy-chained together. This offers a flexible solution that enables you to adjust audio coverage to match the configuration of your variable-sized conference Flex Room, without rewiring or re-configuring the existing audio equipment in place.

A Solution for Flex Room

Spider MT503

High-clarity conference speakerphone that can be ceiling mounted and daisy chained, easily turning any environment into a professional conference room.

Condor MT600

The Condor has a pickup range up to 30 feet, with a 15-microphone beamforming array, the Condor is perfect for huddle, medium, and large conference rooms. Place the Condor on a tabletop or mount it above or below a monitor to create the perfect clutter-free work environment.

Stingray MT700

The Stingray is an eight-channel automatic DSP mixer for integrated rooms and requires ZERO programming. It can be set up in less than five minutes. Easily extend microphones by daisy-chaining up to 15 units. The Stingray supports USB, SIP, and analog connectivity.