Room Designs

We have created these room renderings to help end users and integrators understand how easy it is to integrate our products in several different room styles. These profiles show the connectivity and coverage of our products.

Classroom/ Training Room

Mobile Cart w/ Condor

Phoenix Audio Technologies works with universities and audio visual installers to provide high quality audio for a wide variety of uses in the Education market. Remote students do not receive the full advantage of distance learning if they cannot hear what is being taught in live classroom. Phoenix Audio’s products are designed to solve this problem through plug-and-play devices that work with any video conferencing system.

Equipping the Classroom for Distance Learning

The education field is rapidly evolving and more people than ever are taking advantage of distance learning. Join Phoenix Audio Technologies and PTZ Optics to learn about how to properly equip classrooms for distance learning.

SEIU Case Study with the Stingray DSP

The Education Fund at SEIU offers free career counseling, as well as a variety of programs designed to help people succeed in their current position and/or move up into a new job.

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Virtual Office Hours

Professors can easily connect to their laptop, PC or mobile device to host office hour via telephone, video conferencing or both through the bridging option offered through the Duet Executive.

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Display of Black Duet PCS

Duet PCS

Overview of The Duet Executive MT202-EXE

Duet Executive

Distance and Blended Learning

Our USB-based products support distance and blended learning in even the most acoustically challenging environments. Our dual connectivity feature allows for bridging between your video and teleconferencing calls.

MT503 Smart Spider in Black

Smart Spider USB / Analog (MT503)

Overview of the Stingray Glow LCD Screen

Stingray Distributed Array Mixer (MT700)

Solution Off the Table

For many educational integrations, there is not always the luxury of table top or even ceiling mounted audio solutions. The wall-mounted Condor (MT600) provides a viable and very neat alternative for small to medium spaces. Condor provides consistent audio levels and good intelligibility from all participants, wherever they are in the room. The Condor provides SIP dialing capabilities and a network connection, making it a complete audio solution.

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Close Up View of the Condor Microphone Array In Black

Condor Microphone Array (MT600)