Whether you are looking for a personal speakerphone for one-on-one calls in your office, or a conference station for medium to large-sized room, we have your desktop solution! Our products feature echo-cancelling and noise reduction qualities to provide professional sound quality for both you and the person on the other end.

Solo (MT201)

The Solo is a powerful USB noise cancelling microphone with boardroom conference quality in a desktop design. It redefines the standard for business quality Voice Over IP conferencing.

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Duet Series (MT202)

The Duet is a portable USB desktop VoIP personal speakerphone. It has a built-in microphone and speaker with advanced echo cancellation and noise suppression technologies. Though lightweight and discreet in design, it provides a high quality speakerphone solution for hands-free desktop conferencing.

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Display of Black Duet PCS

Duet PCS

Overview of The Duet Executive MT202-EXE

Duet Executive

Spider Series (MT500)

The Spider conference phone delivers top class performance accompanied by unmatched versatility to make it the perfect audio device for your organization. It features dual connectivity, supports a three way call bridge between both interfaces, and has unparalleled daisy chaining capabilities. The Spider is available in three models, each with a different user interface.

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Spider USB / SIP (MT505)

Black SIP Spider Video Conference Speaker For Huddle Rooms

Spider USB / PSTN (MT502)

Smart Spider USB / Analog (MT503)