The conference room is the center for group collaboration. Phoenix Audio Technologies offers a variety of audio endpoint solutions to address all the different communication platforms that are in use in a modern day conference room. Since all of our products have a USB interface standardized in them, our telephone units have built-in bridging capabilities. You can initiate a video conferencing call via the USB and then dial a telephone call and have both parties talk to you as well as each other through your Phoenix Audio device.

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Room Designs

We have created these room renderings to help end users and integrators understand how easy it is to integrate our products in several different room styles. These profiles show the connectivity and coverage of our products.

Medium-Sized Conference Room

Large Conference Room

Stingray Distributed Array Mixer

The MT700 – Stingray Distributed Array Mixer from Phoenix Audio Technologies is an all-in-one smart mixer that responds to rapidly evolving communication trends, conference environments, and connectivity technologies. Used on its own or in tandem with video, the MT700 – Stingray Mixer offers a simple solution to the complex requirements of today’s professional conferencing spaces.

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Stingray Smart DSP Mixer with Front Glowing Blue
Back of Stingray Array Mixer With Capabilities Displayed

IP or Analog Telephony

The Spider conference phones are recommended for use when you know you have either an analog phone system or a SIP phone service provider. While connecting to the video conferencing application it will connect directly through the USB drive of the laptop, PC or video system.

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Black SIP Spider Video Conference Speaker For Huddle Rooms

SIP/IP Spider

Black SIP Spider Video Conference Speaker For Huddle Rooms

PSTN Spider

Smart Phones, Tablets, or USB Only

The Smart Spider is recommended when you only need a speakerphone for your video conferencing application. When video conferencing or audio conferencing over a Smart Phone and Tablet devices connect to the smart device via the headphone jack. Our product is recognized by the smart device as a headphone/microphone and takes over the device’s audio (both mic and speaker). When video or audio conferencing over a laptop or PC connect our device through the USB connector.

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Smart Spider (MT503)

USB & Analog

Condor Microphone

The Condor Beamforming Microphone Array was created with the goal of decluttering conference rooms. The Condor, featuring a built-in SIP phone, sits above or below your monitor, eliminating cumbersome devices and wires from the conference table. It can easily connect to any video conferencing system, and use any external sound bar or your monitor’s internal speakers.

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Front of Condor Microphone Array For Conference Rooms

Condor Microphone Array