AV Cart Profile

In the following rendering, we created a medium conference room that utilizes the MT600 Condor Microphone Array mounted to a Heckler Design Cart.

Condor (MT600)

Microphone Array

Turn any space into a video collaboration conference room with a professional grade Audio Visual Cart. Securely and easily move your video conferencing setup into any room, office or open space, without damaging your equipment or devices. This gives the flexibility to invest in top quality gear while providing the mobility to be used in small offices to medium conference rooms.

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Front of Condor Microphone Array For Conference Rooms

Smart Spider (MT503)

Another option is using the MT503 and mounting it on the cart, or even freeing space on the cart for other devices and mounting the smart spider on the ceiling.

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Heckler Design A/V Carts

Among the many manufactures out there, Heckler Design created a cart to be used with the Phoenix Audio Technologies Condor (MT600). Slick looks, modular construction, nest-ability, and support for the latest video conferencing equipment are combined to create a standout video conferencing cart. Specifically designed for all your video conferencing equipment, camera, large display, along with dual shelves for your video conferencing control units. All provided within a sleek design.

AV Cart in Alley Way Displaying The Condor Microphone
Heckler iPad Displaying Phoenix Audio Technologies App

PHNX Connect Controller

The PHNX CONNECT is Phoenix Audio Technologies controller application which is implemented to allow end users of our products to have quick and easy access to controls that streamline efficiency and productivity in the conference room. Integrators can now preset configurations in a conference room and the end users are given control of the most frequently used settings for fine tuning to each individual user.

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