AV Cart Profile

AV Carts allow you the flexibility to transform any environment into a high-quality conferencing space. So if you want to design a mobile conferencing solution for the office or for telehealth treatment rooms you’ll find everything you need to create your perfect AV Cart in our room profile.

AV Cart Solutions

Spider MT503

The Smart Spider is the most versatile high-clarity conferencing speakerphone. With unparalleled daisy-chaining capabilities, connect up to 15 units for customizable audio coverage and even create a clutter-free workspace by utilizing the Spider’s ceiling mounting option.

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Condor MT600

The Condor has a pickup range up to 30 feet, with a 15-microphone beamforming array, the Condor is perfect for huddle, medium, and large conference rooms. Place the Condor on a tabletop or mount it above or below a monitor to create the perfect clutter-free work environment.

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