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Solo (MT201)

USB Microphone


The Solo is a USB microphone with a built-in DSP. It provides high quality noise and echo cancelling features in a small portable design. The Solo is compatible with any speaker.

USB Power

The ability to provide power to the device through the USB connection getting rid of the need to use a separate power supply.

This Unit Includes:

Attached USB cable

User manual

Warranty: 2 years


Size: 1″x2.75″x4″ in (W x H x D)

Weight: 0.6 lb


USB power for PC and Laptop (LED will illuminate)

Noise Cancelling

Filters out ambient room noise such as air conditioning and background office or traffic noise

Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Prevents your microphone from transmitting the voice picked up from your speaker

Automatic Gain Control

Automatically adjusts your microphone sensitivity so that you are heard loud and clear regardless of your tone and distance from the device


Improves audio pick up quality in reverberant rooms with hard reflective surfaces such as exposed, concrete, marble, or glass walls and ceilings


Acoustic echo cancellation >40 dB

Noise cancellation >10dB

Residual echo is suppressed to the environment noise level to prevent artificial ducking of signal

Power level equalization

Convergence speed 40 dB/sec

Tail length (200ms)

Convergence during full duplex (No recovery time after full duplex)

Low delay (10 msec)

Bandwidth 20 – 7500 kHz for speech processing maintains the soundcard bandwidth for other applications (ie; music, gaming, etc.)

Mute button




The Solo connects via USB to your computer – this connection is for any session using your computer, such as Voice Over IP applications (Skype, Vidyo, etc.). It connects to speakers, which will be required for the unit to function.

Controls On The Device:


Powering Options:

Direct USB Power


High-end performance: conforms to ITU-T G.167 standard for echo cancellers • 100% full duplex Performance – No attenuation (either way) during full duplex

Fast convergence, even when In full duplex mode

Very low delay

Solo Datasheet