Selection Guides

Phoenix offers a small footprint board called the MT102, and a more powerful solution called MT103. The following table demonstrates some of the differences between the solutions and their capabilities.

  Size   1.5″X2″   2″X3″   2″X3″
  Processing   80 MIPS   216 MIPS   384 MIPS
  Max Data I/O   2in 2out   2in 2out   6in 4out
  Programmable   No   Yes   Yes
  Development   No development   tools   SDK for tuning and     setup   SDK for tuning and     setup
  Processor   TI 5402   TI 5506   TI 5507
  Noise cancelling   2 channels
8 KHz
  Max 2 channels
8 KHz
  Max 4 channels
16 KHz
  Echo cancelling   1 channel
8 KHz 90ms
  1 channel
8 KHz 130ms
  1 channel
16 KHz 240ms
2 channels
8 KHz 90ms
  Array processing   No   No   Yes
  Multi-channel recording   No   2 channels   6 channels
  Multi-channel mixer   No   No   4 channels
8 KHz 200ms