Phoenix Audio Technologies provides robust noise cancelling microphones, echo cancelling microphones, echo and noise cancelling microphones beamforming mic arrays, directional arrays, and audio DSP boards flashed with customized algorithms for voice intelligibility solutions.

Unlike many other signal processing companies, we believe that hardware is an important aspect in audio sub-systems.

We take a broader view on the audio sub-systems, understanding that microphone placement, speaker placement, embedded hardware, and processing algorithms all play intricate role in enabling precise audio outcomes. Keeping this in mind, we deliver audio DSP hardware modules that come flashed with our proprietary algorithms, provide system consultations, and deliver software licensing alone when required.

Microphone & Speaker Placement
Embedded Hardware
Processing Algorithms

Our designed arrays, modules, and algorithms serve to provide a solution to voice intelligibility, direction finding, and any other elements of two-way communication.

Echo Cancelling
Noise Reduction

Phoenix Audio Technologies possesses both the technological and engineering capability to deliver acute, efficient, and innovative audio input solutions at a cost-competitive price. We can embed, scale or customize our versatile technology solutions for various environments. In addition to turnkey audio processing boards and software, the company also offers our proprietary algorithms for incorporation into various futuristic technologies.

Turn-Key OEM Solutions:

Note: Our solutions deliver echo cancelling, noise cancelling, beamforming and directionality, and various other algorithms that can enhance audio outcomes. The processing is  delivered through turn-key daughterboards with USB & Analog connectivity and comes with a varying number of microphones.