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Using MT107 KSK As Noise Cancelling Microphone For Kiosks


The Phoenix Audio MT107KSK is a DSP based, four microphone, beamforming, echo cancelling, noise cancelling microphone array system specifically designed for the various environments that Kiosks are exposed to. Providing increased pick up quality via directed beamforming to a singular point (person talking) in a crowded environment. Phoenix Audio Technologies’ proprietary full duplex, echo canceling, noise canceling, and AGC algorithms prevent gating and the loss of critical information while providing 16KHz of clear HD audio.

Noise Cancelling Microphone Array

Filters out ambient room noise such as air conditioning and background office or traffic noise

Echo Cancelling Microphone Array

Prevents your microphone from transmitting the voice picked up from your speaker

Beamforming Microphone Array

Steering or directing an audio beam to pick up audio only from the direction of the person speaking, while canceling noise from all other directs

Included with Each Unit:

1x MT107KSK Single-Channel 16kHz Echo-Canceling System

1x Plastic Stand

1x USB Mini Cable

2x Pair KSK Microphone (Total Four [4] Microphones)

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OEM Turnkey:  Custom DSP

Phoenix Audio Technologies provides robust noise cancelling microphones, echo cancelling microphones, echo and noise cancelling microphones beamforming mic arrays, directional arrays, and audio DSP boards flashed with customized algorithms for voice intelligibility solutions. More Info



Analog through a standard 3.5mm jack

Digital through USB connection

Microphone inputs are connected to “IN 1” & “IN 2”.

Units are preset to line level with 6dB boost and phantom power off.


Analog through a standard 3.5mm jack

Digital through USB connection

Speaker is connected through “OUT 2”.  Units are preset to line level.

Far-end output to system is through “OUT 1”.  Units are preset to line level.

*Note: Far-end output will be transmitted through the USB channel if active. 


32KHz sampling frequency; 100Hz-16KHZ bandwidth

Two level of echo canceling aggressiveness and three echo canceling speeds

Controllable tail length of up to 240 ms.

Three levels of noise reduction: 8dB (low), 14dB (Medium), and 20 dB (High)

Residual noise is suppressed to room level to prevent pumping noise

Eight preset color filters for both the output and speaker signal

Low delay (10 ms)


Powered via USB (Power adapter with USB connector is available for purchase)

MT107KSK User Manual