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MT103 Video Conferencing Equipment Chip


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The MT103S provides a complete hardware/software platform solution that will let you design, tune, and build your own audio solution. Phoenix offers a large library of algorithms to run on the MT103.

The MT103 daughter board is our “build to spec” OEM solution and offers our technologies in a powerful and customizable package. The software, the I/O settings, and the control pin configuration are tailored for the customer.

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  • Noise cancelling – Max 2 channels 8 KHz
  • Echo cancelling – 1chanel 8 KHz 130ms
  • Multi-channel recording – 2 channel
  • The 4 microphone inputs are connected to pins 1, 2, 3, & 4 of J1. The following microphone settings are available using the setup software:
    – Mic level (280mV peak-to-peak)
    – Line level (2V peak-to-peak)
    – Add 6dB boost
    – Optional 2.8V power supply (phantom) , via 1 KOhm resistor
    *Units are preset to Mic level without 6dB boost; Phantom On
    Note: User has the option to use a single microphone connected to either pin 1, 2, 3, or 4 of J1. However, it is recommended that the provided microphones are used and that all four are connected to maximize beamforming and audio clarity.
    – Far-End Inputs connected to USB or J1 pin 6. The input setting is Line level (2V peak-to-peak)Notes:
    1) Far-End Input will be received through the USB channel only.
    2) Only one far-end signal is required; the two inputs will support stereo loudspeaker systems
  • System Output connected to the pin13 of J1 and USB. The following output settings are available using the setup software:
    – Line level: 2V peak-to-peak
    – Mic level: 200mV peak-to-peak
    *Units are preset to Line level
    Note: Output will be transmitted through the USB and pin 13 of J1 and USB.
  • Speakers – (Far-end out signal) is connected to pin 11 and pin 12 of J1. The output setting is Line level: 2V peak-to-peak
  • Size – 2”X3”
  • Processing – 216 MIPS
  • Max I/O – 2 IN 2 OUT
  • Processor – TI 5506