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MT102 Audio System Chip From Phoenix Audio Technologies


The MT102 is a small and efficient daughter board that hosts Phoenix Audio Technologies algorithms such as Echo Cancelling, Noise Cancelling, and more. The MT102 has several optional control pins which allow the OEM customer to control the algorithms and their parameters. This board is our “off the shelf” OEM solution and offers our technologies in an easy and pre-configured package.

Noise Cancelling

Filters out ambient room noise such as air conditioning and background office or traffic noise

Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Prevents your microphone from transmitting the voice picked up from your speaker

Automatic Gain Control

Automatically adjusts your microphone sensitivity so that you are heard loud and clear regardless of your tone and distance from the device


Improves audio pick up quality in reverberant rooms with hard reflective surfaces such as exposed, concrete, marble, or glass walls and ceilings


Size – 1.5” x 2”

Processing – 80 MIPS

Max I/O – 2 input 2 outputs

Processor – TI 5402

OEM Turnkey:  Custom DSP

Phoenix Audio Technologies provides robust noise cancelling microphones, echo cancelling microphones, echo and noise cancelling microphones beamforming mic arrays, directional arrays, and audio DSP boards flashed with customized algorithms for voice intelligibility solutions.


The 4 microphone inputs are connected to pins 1, 2, 3, & 4 of J1. The following microphone settings are available using the setup software:

– Mic level (280mV peak-to-peak)
– Line level (2V peak-to-peak)
– Add 6dB boost
– Optional 2.8V power supply (phantom) , via 1 KOhm resistor

*Units are preset to Mic level without 6dB boost; Phantom On

Note: User has the option to use a single microphone connected to either pin 1, 2, 3, or 4 of J1. However, it is recommended that the provided microphones are used and that all four are connected to maximize beamforming and audio clarity.


Far-End Inputs connected to USB or J1 pin 6. The input setting is Line level (2V peak-to-peak)Notes:
1) Far-End Input will be received through the USB channel only.
2) Only one far-end signal is required; the two inputs will support stereo loudspeaker systems


System Output connected to the pin13 of J1 and USB. The following output settings are available using the setup software:

– Line level: 2V peak-to-peak
– Mic level: 200mV peak-to-peak

*Units are preset to Line level

Note: Output will be transmitted through the USB and pin 13 of J1 and USB.

Speakers – (Far-end out signal) is connected to pin 11 and pin 12 of J1. The output setting is Line level: 2V peak-to-peak


16KHz sampling frequency; 100Hz-8KHz bandwidth

Two levels of Echo Canceling aggressiveness and three levels of Echo Canceling speed

Controllable tail length – up to 220 ms.

Three levels of noise reduction: 8dB (Low), 14dB (Medium), and 20 dB (High), selectable through the free control software

Residual noise suppressed to the environment noise level to prevent pumping noise

Eight preset color filters for both the output and the speaker signal

Low latency (10msec)

MT102 Connection

MT102 Data Sheet