Condor Microphone Array

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Condor (MT600)

Microphone array

The Condor is a beamforming microphone array with a built-in DSP. Designed to provide a clutter-free solution with multiple interfaces for audio pick-up, this microphone array is perfect for huddle-rooms and open spaces. The Condor is compatible with any speaker or sound bar.

Condor Microphone Array Being Displayed in Large Conference Room


The Condor comes with two installation options:

  • Wall mounting; the Condor comes with two wall mounting brackets
  • Stands; two stands are provided to placing the Condor on a flat surface
  • Brackets for TV Mount available (sold separately).

Each Unit Includes:

  • USB cable
  • 5V power supply
  • CAT5 Cable
  • 2 wall mounting brackets and 2 stands


  • 2.25 ” Diameter / 48″ Length
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs

Dual Connectivity

Offering multiple interfaces in a single product. This feature allows the use of one product in a room that requires multiple connectivity options (audio and video conferencing).


The ability to connect two calls from different interfaces simultaneously, making your video conferencing participants able to speak with your audio conferencing participants as well as yourself through your device.

Direction Finding

The ability to recognize the direction of the person speaking in the room.


The ability to steer the directionality of the device’s microphones. Beamforming improves noise and echo cancelling as well as the overall quality of the device’s pickup.  This feature works in conjunction with direction finding.

Power Over Ethernet (POE)

The ability to provide power to the device through the ethernet connection getting rid of the need to use a separate power supply.

USB Power

The ability to provide power to the device through the USB connection getting rid of the need to use a separate power supply.

Wall Mountable

This Condor supports a mounting system that allows you to attach it directly to the wall.

LED Indications

LEDs indicate the voice pickup and direction as well as muting.

Noise Cancelling

Filters out ambient room noise such as air conditioning and background office or traffic noise

Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Prevents your microphone from transmitting the voice picked up from your speaker

Automatic Gain Control

Automatically adjusts your microphone sensitivity so that you are heard loud and clear regardless of your tone and distance from the device


Improves audio pick up quality in reverberant rooms with hard reflective surfaces such as exposed, concrete, marble, or glass walls and ceilings


Steering or directing an audio beam to pick up audio only from the direction of the person speaking, while canceling noise from all other directs




SIP (IP Phone)


USB – both data and power

Analog Speaker In via two RCA jacks (left and right signals)

Digital Speaker In via optical link (stereo)

RJ45 Ethernet link – for network connection and IP phone


Analog Speaker Out via two RCA jacks (left and right signals)

Analog System Out (microphone output) via RCA jack (line level)

Digital Speaker Out via optical link (stereo)

Condor User Manual

PHNX Connect: Controller App

Quick Start Guide