Ceiling Mounting

What is Ceiling Mounting?

Ceiling Mounting is the ability to take a Phoenix Audio tabletop device and mount it on any surface, including ceilings and walls, using Phoenix Audio’s Ceiling Mounting Kit (MT334)MT334_ceilingmount

Why do you need Ceiling Mounting?

Ceiling Mounting is good for environments with limited desktop space, unsuitable surfaces, or for those that prefer an uncluttered and discrete table-top appearance.

How does the Ceiling Mount work?

The Ceiling Mount Kit is made up of two brackets. One bracket is screwed into the bottom of a Spider or Quattro3 using existing screw holes; the other bracket is screwed into a solid surface such as a wall or ceiling. Once installed, the two brackets are aligned and lock into each other with a slight twisting motion.

ceilingmount1    ceilingmount2



What if the USB device is ceiling mounted, but the distance to the computer is over 20 feet?

Since USB communication is limited to 20 feet, you might find it hard to mount a device less than 20 feet away from a computer. To solve this issue, you can use a Power Hub (MT340). The Power Hub extends the USB connection to over 100 feet by converting the USB signal to a CAT5 cable. It also provides power to the unit and can power up to 7 additional units if Daisy Chained.

Power Hub PNG