The Most Versatile Speakerphone You’ve Ever Seen

By February 6, 2019 April 19th, 2019 No Comments

Our Spider Speakerphones may be small, but they have a huge impact on your ability to create an immersive video conferencing experience. The Spiders are the most versatile conferencing speakerphones on the market. 

What’s Your Flavor? The Spider Series v3-1

Our Spider Series speakerphones come in three different variations, so there is something for everyone. The SIP Spider (MT505) supports SIP and USB connectivity and can be daisy chained to Smart Spiders to expand audio coverage. The PSTN Spider (MT502) supports PSTN and USB connectivity and can also be daisy-chained to the Smart Spider to increase coverage in any space. Our Smart Spider (MT503) supports analog and USB connectivity and can be plugged into to any “smart” device to conduct video conferencing. Each Spider speakerphone is compatible with all major video conferencing platforms including ZoomGoTo MeetingBlue JeansTrueConf and more.

Versatility Re-imagined

The Spider Series is a great fit for collaboration spaces of any kind. Our daisy-chaining technology allows you to connect up to 15 spiders. Additional built-in technology like echo-cancelling, automatic gain control, and beamforming means that all you have to do to install them is plug them in. They can be standard table top speakerphones or the Smart Spider can also be ceiling mounted to accommodate any room configuration. AV integrators are selecting them as the go-to solution when they need flexible audio endpoints for installations.

Tried and True 

In addition to classic video conferencing, the Smart Spiders are being utilized by companies in the telemedicine industry where reliable and high quality products are required and can be the difference between life and death. Matt Humbert, President of MaxLife explained, “As an organization, we seek out the best equipment to be used in our solutions to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied. With that being said, and since audio is a crucial aspect of our product line, (Phoenix’s) products have completed our solutions and have allowed us to deliver the quality products we strive so hard to make.”

As the sector of education evolves we are seeing institutions including Virginia Tech, Azusa Pacific University, Arizona State University, and more integrating the Spider Series and other Phoenix Audio solutions into in their classrooms and training rooms to engage in distance learning. In our case study with Wake Forest University’s School of Business, the Spider was utilized to resolve the audio challenges in the Farrell Hall Colloquium. “We wanted a conference phone system that was capable of covering larger rooms and providing a greater audio experience for remote participants,” recalls Jason Bunthoff, Multimedia Manager for WFU, School of Business.  “Other manufacturers offer multiple microphone configurations, but they do not address the need for a distributed speaker system.  The Spider setup is unique in that regard.”

Put it to the test yourself!

Regardless of the surrounding environment or room configuration, there is a Phoenix Audio solution to solve your video conferencing complications. Experience the versatility of the Spider Series today.