With the rise of COVID-19, we have seen video conferencing and telemedicine become a tool for many hospitals. We have seen this virus shut down cities, states, and countries with quarantines lasting months.

Most hospitals are using video conferencing to communicate with their patients who are in quarantine or to other health care professionals. One hospital in Daegu, South Korea is using video conferencing in another aspect of patient care.

With Daegu being one of the most impacted cities of the COVID-19 outbreak in South Korea, hospitals reached out to our partner Vopier. They asked Vopier to help find a way for Coronavirus patients in isolation to communicate with their family members. Vopier utilized their video conferencing platform with the Phoenix Audio Spider speakerphones to offer communication and comfort between everyone impacted by this pandemic. For many families, this kept them connecting to their loved ones in the midst of this crisis. For others who’s infected loved one was not as lucky, it offered a way to say goodbye in their last moments.