Partner Highlight with Perfect Video Conferencing

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Our partner Perfect Video Conferencing had a client who needed to replace their existing video conferencing equipment in their meeting rooms. The end user wanted to upgrade multiple large conference rooms and huddle rooms with solutions that had SIP integration, daisy-chaining abilities, and would allow them to have a clutter free work environment.

The large conference rooms already had existing DSP’s installed that were not providing the customer with good audio pickup. To provide them with the best audio coverage they paired our Stingray DSP Mixer with CTG microphones and Kramer speakers to create an integrated audio experience for their large conference rooms.

In three huddle rooms, the Smart Spider was ceiling mounted to create a clutter free meeting room. The other two huddle rooms were outfitted with the table top SIP Spider to accommodate their need for SIP and USB integration.

Read our latest partner highlight with Perfect Video Conferencing to learn about the Phoenix Audio solutions for all meeting spaces.

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