New 3D Flex Room Design

By March 27, 2019 April 9th, 2019 No Comments

Variable-sized flex rooms are becoming more popular in professional and educational work spaces. They provide creating the flexibility to shrink, divide, and partition off certain areas to meet the need of each meeting. To fully take advantage of this flexibility, the hardware must be just as flexible.

The Phoenix Audio Stingray (MT700) – Distributed Array Mixer and our proprietary daisy-chaining technology provides the flexibility to adapt to this changing space. It is the only DSP Mixer that requires ZERO programming, so you can save time and money with an installation process that is simple and easy. With the Stingray, you are able to scale your coverage as needed with it’s ability to daisy chain up to 15 units long.

In the following rendering, we designed a large room that, when combined, seats up to 32 people and is enabled with two daisy-chained MT700 Stingray DSP Mixers. By daisy-chaining the Stingray’s you are able to take advantage of the zoning feature through the Phnx Connect app. This allows you to combine or split the set up in multiple rooms.

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