Conference rooms have become the center for group collaboration including video conferencing. The new medium conference room design highlights the connectivity and coverage of the products needed to outfit the space with video conferencing capabilities. In this design the products featured are the Stingray DSP Mixer, paired with the Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling for an enhanced audio conferencing experience.

The components in this profile are included in a Zoom Room kit available through IngramMicro, Video Conference Gear, and Perfect Video Conferencing. This design utilizes the Stingray DSP Mixer, a Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling Mic, an AVer Cam520,  four C2G Ceiling Speakers, and an Intel NUC.

To set up this room first connect the Stingray to USB. Once that is done you can connect the speakers to the 8Ω speaker input on the back of the Stingray. Then, connect the ceiling microphone to the line inputs and configure the settings on the Stingray through either the web GUI or front panel in less than 5 minutes.

With this new room profile you’ll know everything you need to simplify your Zoom Room design.

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