Condor Mounting Brackets

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Phoenix Audio Technologies Video Conference Solutions

Condor mounting bracket KIT (MT620)

The Condor Mounting Bracket Kit provides the flexibility and convenience of mounting your Condor Microphone Array directly on a wall or AV cart. This solution was created for environments with limited desktop space, unsuitable surfaces, or for those that prefer an uncluttered and discrete table-top appearance.


Dimensions: 5.75″ X 1.5″

Weight: 1 lb

AV Cart in Alley Way With Condor Mounting Brackets

The MT620 from Phoenix Audio is a mounting bracket kit designed for mounting a Condor Microphone Array on a wall or to an AV cart.

The lightweight brackets are intended to connect to a TV wall mount, soundbar mount, or wall space so that a Condor Beaming Microphone Array may be securely attached.

Included with Each Unit:

2x MT620 Condor Mounting Brackets

8x Mounting Screws


Installation Video Instruction