Power Hub MT340

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Power Hub (mt340)

The Power Hub is a compact device that enables USB extension for Smart Spiders. It supports power daisy chaining and is ideal for rooms where the first Smart Spider is over 20 feet away from a computer.

Designed for use with the MT503 – Smart Spider (available separately), the Phoenix Audio Technologies Power Hub (MT340) is a small unit which connects to computers through a standard USB cable and a proprietary 48V AC/DC power adapter. The Power Hub (MT304) is then connected to a primary Smart Spider unit via any CAT7 RJ-45 cable, providing both data and power through the CA75 RJ-45 cable, allowing you to station the PC up to 100′ from the designated primary Smart Spider. The Power Hub also supports power daisy chaining of multiple MT503 units.

*Note, this device also works with the obsolete Quattro 3.

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– Daisy Chaining

Powering Options:

– External Power Supply


Important Daisy Chain Info