Ceiling Mount For Video Conferencing
Phoenix Audio Technologies Video Conference Solutions

Smart Spider Ceiling Mount (MT334)

The Phoenix Audio Ceiling Mount (MT334) enables users to mount the Smart Spider (MT503) onto any type of surface. The ceiling mount capability of the Smart Spider allows users to install as many MT503 units as needed in a discreet manner.

Power Hub (MT340)

The Power Hub is a compact device that enables USB extension for Smart Spiders. It supports power daisy chaining and is ideal for rooms where the first Smart Spider is over 20 feet away from a computer.

Condor Mounting Bracket Kit (MT620)

The Condor Mounting Bracket Kit provides the flexibility and convenience of mounting your Condor Microphone Array directly on a wall or AV cart.

Front and Back of MT720 XLR Converter

Raven XLR Microphone (MT435)

The Raven is a pack of four high quality microphones with an XLR connection. With its best in class pick up abilities these crystal clear microphones are small in size and ideal for any conference room table.

Spider Power Daisy Chain Kit (MT320)

The 48-Volt Daisy Chain Power Kit is designed to provide power to multiple Smart Spiders (MT503) speakerphones that have been daisy-chained together.

XLR to Terminal Block Converter for Stingray (MT720)

The MT720 XLR to Terminal Block Converter is used to connect microphones with XLR connectors to the Stingray Distributed Array Mixer (MT700), which utilizes block terminal connectors.

Stingray Wall Mounting Piece
Balum Audio Connectors

Stingray Wall Mount Bracket (MT730)

The Phoenix Audio Stingray Wall Mount Bracket (MT730) enables users to mount the Stingray (MT700) onto a wall, allowing the device to be installed behind a TV for a clean and discreet look.

Audio Balun

The audio balun transmits two mono or a single stereo analog audio signal via standard structured cabling, such as Cat 5e. Used in pairs, the balun transmits analog audio in either direction up to 2,500 feet.