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At ENow Software, The Condor Is Literally Turning Heads

“Our meetings were frustrating to say the least… When we got the Condor, then everything changed.” ENow explains how the Condor Microphone Array has made conferencing a breeze.

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“With easy installation and great sound quality, we considered the Phoenix Audio products we use to be top of their class.“


“The Spider has allowed us to utilize the Colloquium to its fullest potential, especially when setting the venue up for conferencing needs,”


“The Condor lit the entire room at a 75% cost savings and only used 48″ of real estate. Doesn’t get better than that!”


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5 Musts for The Modern Day Conference Room

Conference rooms and collaboration spaces are evolving with the modern world. Video conferencing equipment used to require complicated installs, several hours of manual labor, and a big budget. Modern collaboration, as well as conferencing spaces, should be filled with the best products that anyone can use. That is why we put together a list of the five must-haves for the modern day conference room. Read more
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