As more office spaces adopt an open floor plan, the requirement for multiple spaces for small meetings has steadily increased, thus the creation of the huddle room. Great for private conversations, meetings and presentations, the huddle is now your scaled down conference room. Phoenix Audio Technologies delivers HD audio through all of its USB based, plug-and-play devices.

Spider Series

Featuring dual connectivity, Spiders can be used only through its telephone interface (SIP or PSTN), only through the USB interface or as a bridge between both interface options. This feature quickly connects users who are not near a computer through the telephone, bringing everyone together on one, seamless conference call.

SIP/IP Spider

PSTN Spider

Smart Spider

Smart Spider

Condor Microphone

The Condor Beamforming Microphone Array was created with the goal of decluttering conference rooms. The Condor, featuring a built-in SIP phone, sits above or below your monitor, eliminating cumbersome devices and wires from the conference table. It can easily connect to any video conferencing system, and use any external sound bar or your monitor’s internal speakers.

Condor Microphone Array