With over 30 years of Industry experience in audio signal processing, our founding engineers have taught and worked at some of the most respected knowledge hubs in the world. From delivery of sniper detection systems and hydrophone arrays to the military and communication devices for NASA, Phoenix Audio boasts an experience unparalleled in the industry of audio processing.

Whether its voice intelligibility, sound source localization, or audio sub-system consultation, Phoenix Audio Technologies delivers versatile, acute, and lasting custom solutions. We design the hardware, provide the algorithms, assist in the deployment, and consult you to the most precise, efficient, and future withstanding solution for your project.


  • Deep knowledge of audio signal processing, applied to various fields.
  • Thorough experience in developing complete audio communication devices such as speakerphones, from drawing board to production.
  • Archive of algorithms ranging from noise suppression to sound source localization and more.
  • Some of our algorithms can be found here: Algorithm Index

What to Expect

  • A dedicated engineering team that can work as the audio leg of your organization
  • Complete project management from inception to production
  • Methodical approach synergizing your input and our experience to provide timely results
  • Your idea come to life

To discuss your needs, please contact us at

+1-818-937-4774 or