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The MT103T is the most powerful and advanced daughter board of Phoenix Audio Technologies. The MT103T provides a complete hardware/software platform solution that will let you design, tune, and build your own audio solution. Phoenix offers a large library of algorithms to run on the MT103T.

The MT103T daughter board is our "build to spec" OEM solution and offers our technologies in a powerful and customizable package. The software, the I/O settings, and the control pin configuration are tailored per the customer.


  • Noise cancelling- max 4 channels 16KHZ
  • Echo cancelling- 1 channel 16KHz 240ms or 2 channel 8 KHz 90ms
  • Array processing
  • Multi-channel recording- 6 channels
  • Multi-channel mixer- 4 channels 8 KHz 200ms


  • Size - 2”X3”
  • Processing - 384 MIPS
  • Max I/O - 6 IN 4 OUT
  • Processor - TI 5507